ESG-Strategy and Goals

Plan for strategic success. Establish goals. Communicate.

You want your business to succeed financially, and to manage your significant environmental, social, and governance risks. How can Clear Strategy help?

A comprehensive strategy.

Your strategic plan covers markets, the competitive landscape, and financial targets. Clear Strategy helps you build a comprehensive strategy that addresses the environmental, social, and governance impacts of your business, and the risks and opportunities they present.

Defined roles so everyone is pulling together.

You want clarity on how your ESG vision is translated into action, and how ESG functions inside your organization. Clear Strategy helps you define ESG roles for all levels of the organization, from the Board to the shop floor.

Goals to achieve your strategy.

You need to set goals to achieve your strategy. Clear Strategy helps you identify targets and metrics that ensure the success of your strategic plan.


Employees need to know your ESG strategy and goals, and what they mean to them. Clear Strategy helps you communicate your vision, what is expected and why.

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