Identify and Engage Stakeholders

Identify and engage with stakeholders.

Stakeholders are groups with a stake in your business success - investors, employees, customers, and governments. Clear Strategy can help you

Deliver stakeholder value.

Attract capitalLenders and investors make decisions on the basis of success factors beyond financial results. Do you understand their decision processes?

Retain valued employees. Employees care about your financial success, as well as diversity, healthcare, safety, and the environment. What matters to your employees?

Satisfy customers. Many customers have their own sustainability goals that impact companies in their supply chain. How many of your customers have demanding sustainability diligence processes and certification requirements?

Meet government requirements. Business existence is a government-granted privilege. Governments expect payment of taxes, worker protection, and some degree of environmental stewardship.

Unlock stakeholder insights.

Mine existing data like employee survey results, customer certification requests, investor questions, and ESG ratings reports.

Conduct stakeholder surveys, meetings, and focus groups.

Work with your legal and compliance teams to translate their regulatory knowledge into ESG insights.

Create a winning, integrated strategy.

Clear Strategy helps turn stakeholder insights into a business strategy for sustainable success.

Read about Clear Strategy’s strategic planning services to learn more.

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