Clear Strategy offers an array of services…

Identify and Engage Stakeholders

Identify and engage with stakeholders

ESG-Strategy and Goals

Plan for strategic success

Plan and Execute ESG Initiatives

Execute initiatives so your strategy succeeds

Clear ESG Reports

Produce trusted sustainability reports

ESG Governance and Structure

Guide human behavior inside and outside your organization

Identify and Engage Stakeholders

Identify and engage with stakeholders.

Stakeholders are groups with a stake in your business success - investors, employees, customers, and governments. Clear Strategy can help you

Deliver stakeholder value.

Attract capitalLenders and investors make decisions on the basis of success factors beyond financial results. Do you understand their decision processes?

Retain valued employees. Employees care about your financial success, as well as diversity, healthcare, safety, and the environment. What matters to your employees?

Satisfy customers. Many customers have their own sustainability goals that impact companies in their supply chain. How many of your customers have demanding sustainability diligence processes and certification requirements?

Meet government requirements. Business existence is a government-granted privilege. Governments expect payment of taxes, worker protection, and some degree of environmental stewardship.

Unlock stakeholder insights.

Mine existing data like employee survey results, customer certification requests, investor questions, and ESG ratings reports.

Conduct stakeholder surveys, meetings, and focus groups.

Work with your legal and compliance teams to translate their regulatory knowledge into ESG insights.

Create a winning, integrated strategy.

Clear Strategy helps turn stakeholder insights into a business strategy for sustainable success.

Read about Clear Strategy’s strategic planning services to learn more.

ESG-Strategy and Goals

Plan for strategic success. Establish goals. Communicate.

You want your business to succeed financially, and to manage your significant environmental, social, and governance risks. How can Clear Strategy help?

A comprehensive strategy.

Your strategic plan covers markets, the competitive landscape, and financial targets. Clear Strategy helps you build a comprehensive strategy that addresses the environmental, social, and governance impacts of your business, and the risks and opportunities they present.

Defined roles so everyone is pulling together.

You want clarity on how your ESG vision is translated into action, and how ESG functions inside your organization. Clear Strategy helps you define ESG roles for all levels of the organization, from the Board to the shop floor.

Goals to achieve your strategy.

You need to set goals to achieve your strategy. Clear Strategy helps you identify targets and metrics that ensure the success of your strategic plan.


Employees need to know your ESG strategy and goals, and what they mean to them. Clear Strategy helps you communicate your vision, what is expected and why.

Plan and Execute ESG Initiatives

Execute initiatives so your strategy succeeds.

Sustainability is a journey. Achieving your objectives requires projects and initiatives. Clear Strategy can work with you to

Design initiatives.

With internal stakeholder buy-in

 That achieve your sustainability goals

Manage projects.

Keep projects on track so your strategic plan stays on target

Develop and execute a communications plan that ensures internal stakeholder remain on board 

Clear ESG Reports

Produce trusted sustainability reports.

You want stakeholders to know about your sustainability objectives and success. Clear Strategy can help you

Gather data that matters.

Track data that demonstrates performance against your sustainability goals.

Produce management reports to keep you on target.

Verify your data using internal and using external resources.

Produce trusted sustainability reports.

 Share your vision for a sustainable business, with performance that endures.

 Report on goals that are material to your financial performance.

 Show how your products and services impact the environment and society.

Communicate with your Board.

 Your Board has critical decision-making and oversight roles regarding sustainability, and they look to you to keep them informed.

ESG Governance and Structure

Guide human behavior inside and outside your organization.

For strategy to succeed, employees and suppliers alike need to know what is expected of them. Clear Strategy can help you

Design an employee compliance program.

Communicate your sustainability message to your employees

A code of conduct that paints a big picture

Policies that make clear what behaviors are expected

Data gathering to track how well your compliance program functions

Amplify your impact with a supplier code of conduct.

Make clear to your suppliers what sustainability practices they must adopt to participate in your supply chain.

Adopt contracting terms that reinforce your sustainability objectives and expectations.

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