In response to a Reuters article.

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   The 2024 Olympic Games will be single-use plastic free, according to Paris’s Mayor Anne Hidalgo. In an effort to reduce plastic pollution, the city is partnering with Coca-Cola KO.N to provide reusable alternatives to single-use plastic bottles and cups. Additionally, “visitors to temporary Olympics competition sites in the French capital will be admitted only without plastic bottles” (ESPN). Paris 2024 aims to halve the carbon footprint of the 2016 Rio games, a representation of the city’s continued commitment to environmental protection. As the host of Paris Climate Accords and an exemplar of proactive climate change policy, the city will likely be seen as an antithesis to the controversial Qatar Championship of 2022 – an event criticized for unsustainable practices. Do you think the Olympic Committee should mandate similar sustainable policies for host countries in the future?

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