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An ESG Approach to Business Success

About The Path to Sustainability

Seventy-five percent of new businesses fail within fifteen years. For your business to succeed over time, you have to plan beyond the quarter. Delaying investments to decrease expenses today may improve your current results, but rob your business of the things it needs to thrive.

The Path to Sustainability unlocks keys to enduring success

  • Attracting long-term investors
  • Retaining top talent
  • Keeping loyal customers
  • Creating a reliable supply chain

The world is changing fast. Make sure your business is ready. Path is a system for a lasting business success in this new world.

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Jo Anne Schwendinger


Jo Anne Schwendinger is a global leadership consultant, speaker, and author of The Path to Sustainability: An ESG Approach to Business Success. She is an expert in helping companies identify what matters, both in terms of their performance and their impact on stakeholders. At Clear Strategy Co. she helps corporate leaders envision strategies for achieving sustainable business results.

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