Areas of Focus

ESG Essentials
Regulatory Compliance
Stakeholders & Strategy
Supply Chain, Procurement & Third-party Risk Management
People & Culture

ESG Essentials

Clear Strategy will introduce you to

  • ESG frameworks & standards

  • ESG investing, risk management & pricing

  • ESG & third-party risk management (TPRM)

  • ESG & regulatory compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Strengthen culture & guide human behavior

  • Compliance programs based on your unique culture & values

  • Employee & supply chain codes of conduct & policies

  • Metrics & data to measure program performance

  • Contracting terms to reinforce ESG objectives

Stakeholders & Strategy

Plan strategically, execute & communicate

  • Affirm your purpose, vision & values
  • Engage with stakeholders to gain insights
  • Identify ESG risks, opportunities, goals & metrics
  • Communicate your intentions, targets & progress
Supply Chain Management & ESG Integration

Create a resilient supply chain that is people- and planet-friendly

  • Embed ESG principles & skills
  • Align key performance indicators that balance short-term results with long-term business viability
  • Create visibility & traceability of ESG issues across the supply chain
  • Define & set your risk appetite
Fostering a Sustainable Culture

Develop the best talent to stay competitive

  • Interview guides to assist you with selecting candidates that have the skills & values that fit with your organization
  • Laser-focused ESG & DEI training that is both practical & timely for all levels within your organization
  • Courses & content that are tailor-made for your board of directors & C-Suite executives & their busy schedules
  • Policy templates that explain what behaviors are expected of your employees regarding the environment & people.

Sustainability is about more than the environment.

It's about resilience & long-term success.

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