Jo Anne Schwendinger

Jo Anne Schwendinger


An entrepreneur and seasoned public company executive, Jo Anne is the Founder and CEO of Clear Strategy Co. As a trusted legal advisor for more than 30 years, Jo Anne worked for and represented leading companies in the finance, manufacturing, mining, and high tech industries.

At Clear Strategy, Jo Anne leverages her experience to help companies do well while doing good. Her sustainability and ESG expertise includes

  • Stakeholder engagement. Learning from stakeholders what they need and require.
  • Strategy. Planning for performance that benefits multiple stakeholders – investors, employees, customers, communities, regulators.
  • Project management. Operationalizing strategy.
  • Reporting. Telling stakeholders how you are performing.
  • Governance. Creating structures for oversight, and policies that guide human behavior.

Before launching Clear Strategy, Jo Anne served as the Chief Legal and Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary of a public company in the tech sector, where she was Chair of the company’s disclosure committee, and a member of the company’s first ESG oversight body. Previously, she served in leadership roles for a Fortune 100 company in the manufacturing space where, with her own teams, she focused on talent development, DEI, and worked with others to architect and deploy a data governance framework.

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Dominic Cincotta

Dominic Cincotta

Marketing & Sales

Having completed a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and a Doctorate degree in Information Systems and Communications, his Masters culminated in a manual for field leadership in CPG promotion. His Doctoral Thesis was quite literally the book on how to evaluate small and medium size enterprise brands in a digital world and then how to further create systems for multiple entities to work together to be competitive against large enterprises in a regional strategy.

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Jo Anne Schwendinger

Lucas Gravina


Lucas Gravina is a high school junior passionate about learning, exploring the world, and preserving the environment. He shares these interests with others through the clubs and organizations he leads, including the conservation student association he founded as a sophomore. Over his years of academic and extracurricular endeavors, he has found particular interest in ESG and sustainability, as well as the broader fields of math and economics.

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